RECREATE SYSTEM: Revolutionary restorative hair treatment.
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With RECREATE you strengthen, repair, get soft and strong shiny hair right now, regardless of your hair type. The RECREATE System includes: #1 Rebuilding shampoo#2 Reconstructive treatment #3 Protective Conditioning Spray#4 New vegan keratin serum 99% natural#5 Luc Vincent professional wide tooth comb#6 Luc Vincent protective night cap in pure silk valued at 40$ FREE GIFT the RECREATE super hydrating conditionner valued at $34.95 FREE SHIPPING
System Recreate : Nº1 Reconstructing shampoo
Nº1 REBUILDING Shampoo The shampoo gently cleanses and prepares the hair for treatment N°2. It dissolves oils and impurities that could prevent the rebuilding ingredients from properly attaching to the damaged parts of the hair.  - 300ml
System Recreate : Nº2 Reconstructing treatment
RECONSTRUCTIVE TREATMENT On hair washed with Recreate shampoo and fully wrung out, apply a sufficient amount to cover all of your hair. Leave on for 7 to 10 minutes, do not exceed the exposure time. Rinse immediately once the time is over. The keratin and the restorative ingredients will only repair the damaged areas without overloading the other sections that do not need it, avoiding unnecessarily weighing down the hair. - 200ml At Luc Vincent Hair Care, we are aware of the environmental consequences related to the packaging of our products, the ingredients used and shipping.We strive to reduce our footprint with our new recyclable containers (level 2) which are thinner than that of our competitors.We use only the active ingredients necessary to achieve the desired results out of respect for the environment.
System Recreate : Nº3 Conditionner Spray
La 3ième et dernière étape : Le spray revitalisant protecteur no 3 Après avoir rincé vos cheveux, appliquez le revitalisant protecteur.  Il démêlera vos cheveux facilement en douceur, tout en aidant à fixer les ingrédients réparateurs sur vos cheveux. Par la suite, il offrira une protection thermique contre les agressions des éléments extérieurs tels le séchoir et le fer plat. De plus, il augmentera la brillance de vos cheveux sans les alourdir.  (1) Protecteur Revitalisant - 300ml
Recreate - Vegan keratin serum
Une huile de soins intensifs à absorption rapide offrant l’équilibre parfait entre l’huile de tournesol du Québec et la kératine végétale. Solution végane par excellence pour des cheveux doux et brillants, le sérum DOUX (SOFT) est aussi idéal pour l’hydratation du cuir chevelu. Kératine végane Pour types de cheveux Brillance et hydratation Directions for use : Pour in your hands an amount adapted to the length and thickness of the hair. Finishing touch: Add to control frizz. Touch-ups: Reapply anytime to add shine.DOUX can be applied on wet hair if you let it air dry. Never apply heat to serum coated hair.
System Recreate : Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner
For maximum hydration on damaged hair. Deep hydration for increased elasticity and shine. Same formulation as Leave In Or Not, but with a higher concentration of moisturizing ingredients. This liquid-textured conditioner applies more easily to tangled and damaged hair. Directions for use:On washed and wrung hair, pour a sufficient quantity into the palm of your hand to cover all of your hair. Massage into hair, concentrating on ends. Comb. Leave in for extra hydration or rinse out for lighter conditioning. (1) Recreate Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner - 300ml
SUDOBLOK - Antiperspirant cream
You can now say goodbye to very embarrassing, unpleasant and common situations caused by sweating. MANUFACTURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH STRICT HEALTH CANADA STANDARDSSudoblok is the most effective, safe solution to reduce and control sweating and oily skin problems, without harming your health or that of your skin.
Stay Clean - New gentle shampoo for oily hair
Stay Clean: the brand new gentle shampoo for oily hair from Luc Vincent. It deeply cleanses hair without dehydrating, will not fade colored hair. Deeply cleans natural and color treated hair, Stay Clean shampoo is made with epilobium extract. After 30 days of use, sebum production is decreased. The appearance of adherent and non-adherent dandruff is reduced. Calms irritation of the scalp and prolongs the feeling of cleanliness. Directions for use (topical): Apply a small amount evenly to the scalp and wet hair. Massage, leave for 2 minutes or more, then rinse. Repeat the application as needed. Use the product at least twice a week.
NO FLAKES - Revolutionary anti-dandruff shampoo
Designed to fight dandruff and to re-hydrate the scalp, No Flakes is the only shampoo that does not alter haircolor. It is the only product in its category that contains natural bamboo husk to delicately and lightly remove dandruff and dry skin. It does not irritate the scalp, is enriched in vitamin E, and relieves itching, irritation, redness, peeling and flaking, with a soothing and refreshing menthol feeling. Approved by Health Canada (NPN 80075459) Medicinal Ingredient: Sulfur 2.00% W/V INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake well. Apply a small quantity evenly on wet scalp and hair. Massage and leave in for 2 minutes or more, then rinse. Use the product at least twice a week, or according to a healthcare practitioner’s instructions. 300ML.
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